How to handle heavy topspin and slice in tennis
In this video coaches Simon Konov and Alex Slabinsky share some tips on how to handle topspin and slice shots in tennis

When handling heavy, deep topspin balls you have two main options:

1. Take the ball early before it gets too high
2. Take a few steps back and let the ball drop down to a comfortable height

When dealing with a slice, you want to make sure you stay low with your body and counter the slice with your own topspin on slice.

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  1. Want to start winning more matches? Watch our free tactics & strategy video lesson here –

  2. I was doing what you are teaching, moving back few steps and brushing up. But it keeps coming back high with top spin exactly the way I did it. The rally kept going on. Do you continue to return the same way? How do make a change to win the point?

  3. Would it be a good idea to let the ball drop until I have a good opportunity to be aggressive and then take it early?

  4. Hi, how should i deal with fast/strong balls hit at me/body shot at the net while play doubles, hope to hear from you guys the soonest coz I’m in the middle of a tournament.
    Thanks and all the best.

  5. Great video. I was getting killed by a "slicer" yesterday. Can't wait to try the new "getting low" concept. Many thanks.

  6. I like your video very clear and great advise, can't find any advise on volleying slices shot can you or anyone help

    Thanks vinny

  7. Thank you for this information it really really helped me. I never realized that I could anticipate the type of shot by looking at the opponent's racquet.

  8. First time watching you guys. You speak objectively and clearly, you actually show us what we are supposed to do and you take turns in speaking quite properly. Well done! I can see your channel getting better and better in the future! From Brazil

  9. great work guys. only wish you were more exhaustive. eg, slie on grass or astro can be very fast after bounce and just rocket towards me so i don't have time for topspin. i can either block or slice back. if i slice back, lots of times the ball goes high up. so, was hoping you would also explain about how and when to block, how and when to slice. or maybe there's a written material on the topic. keep up the great work! many thanks, Leo

  10. great stuff guys! great insights! …just sharing with you… I do personally teach how to handle the low bouncing slice, and also the floating slice as well, which bounces a little bit higher. Keep it up the great work boys! well done!

  11. These are good tips, when you're a 5ft7 guy like me, heavy topspin can really hurt you. I usually try to hit it early but I get A LOT of miss hits, when I take it late and move back, my opponents sneek it at the net. So I guess I'll keep working on taking it on the rise. Cheers for another great video, guys!

  12. thanks a lot this was really helpful as I give away points during matches which I set up nicely but then I will mis hit the slice defence of my opponent so thanks a lot for the video

  13. It's the most awesome video in terms of how to handle heavy topspin balls. I have been struggling with high balls since I began playing tennis 6-7 months ago and I finally made significant progress after watching this guys. Especially the idea of putting your body power on the stroke is fantastic. I also noticed that it reminded me of the way Federer rips those high shots. Thanks !

  14. Thanks for the techniques. I usually take the ball early on the heavy top spin. I feel that it's not offensive enough to move back and hit after the deceleration of the ball. I missed lots of shot though from hitting on the rise.

  15. It is particularly lefties that give me trouble with the spin. I'm a baseline player and not comfortable at the net and I kind of just have to wait them out.


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