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What if you could magically be in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME at the net? Well, you CAN – and it’s not magic… it’s a simple positioning technique used by the most successful doubles teams. Here’s how you can bring your doubles game to the next level and dominate the net…

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  1. After watching this video about shading with Ian, check out this mixed doubles match video. There are lots of great examples of shading in it. I especially like the point at 2:45 into this video:

  2. Excellent video! We had been taught this movement as a team…but, most are sadly in need of taking the message to heart!!

  3. What you called shading I used the term “slide to the side “ ( where the ball is going). The up and back is basic Zone defense or offense if you want to cut off the shot before in lands in your partner’s zone. Coaching High School tennis my basketball and hockey players were better at employing these tactics in doubles. I noticed a carry over from their training in these other sports. Personally I like to use other sports as cross training references. Personally I played a great deal of organized basketball as a kid so zone defense moving towards the ball and of course going to the net was like driving to the hoop. You had to be aggressive, cover the court and plan the point. When I learned to play tennis there was a natural cross over for me. This was extremely useful when I got into coaching tennis.

  4. I had an instructor teach and drill the exact same things at a free clinic this past summer, since more people in the area play doubles. I doubt that I will ever get the quality that this instructor provided ever again at a free clinic. The video was a good reminder for me of the things that I had put in place and some of the things that I was a bit off. I know that I am late at recognizing when to retreat to cover the middle as the net player. That will be something I look forward to working on the next time out. Thanks for the awesome video.

  5. The only thing that I see wrong wrong with this is that with vertical movement you are leaving a huge alley for the opponent to hit down

  6. Thank you so much for this! I’m having my first doubles tennis practice with my partner today.
    I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

  7. Great video. Eye opening for me as I’m new to doubles and fairly new to competitive tennis.

  8. Thank you,
    Greetings from ILTA Tennis academy Delhi(India) .Your videos are brilliant and Fantastic. Keep up your superb work on the tennis front.

  9. This is the best advice on doubles strategy I have viewed.   I played today using this strategy and won all my doubles matches.   Thanks so much for explaining this strategy and doing it so well  !!

  10. Play mixed doubles with a senior group weekly. This doubles lesson  was valuable & I look fwd to using the tips. Tnx

  11. Once again my mind is saying, Oh NOW I get what my past coaches meant … You demonstrate & explain the why behind the what's and my brain gets it now!! Thank you again!! This helps me understand so I can start implementing your great info. Ian you are just my favorite!!

  12. I'm pretty sure this guy knows a lot about tennis but… I can't help thinking he thinks too much. Sometimes, Tennis is a game of strategy but it's not a game of Go.


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