Tennis Lessons – How To Deal With slice shots in tennis.
Tennis tactics and tennis strategy by Top Tennis Training’s Simon and Alex. In this video we will teach you how to handle low balls in tennis and how to defeat players who use the slice a lot in matches.
Low slice shots are some of the hardest types of balls to handle in tennis, however there are a few ways to overcome the low ball.
1. Hit the low ball with heavy topspin and overcome the slice on the ball with your own topspin which will allow you to hit aggressive but maintain the consistency. If you simply tap the ball back, the slice on the incoming ball will make the ball move on your strings which will result in your shot being erratic and you losing control of the shot.
But by brushing up the back of the ball aggressively, you will be able to overcome the slice with your own topspin.
2. Slice the ball back. As the ball is low most of the time when you receive that slice shot, it makes sense to slice the ball back to keep yourself in the rally in a neutral position.

After you hit that low ball, you will have a few options, depending on the position you hit that shot from you will have to decide whether you move in towards the net, typically you would do that if the ball is shorter, or if you will hit that ball and return to the baseline, normally on deeper slices.
This is video 2 of 3 that will be released as part of our Tennis Tactics Blueprint course which will be released very soon.
Inside the full course we will teach you how to win more tennis matches against any style of opponent you may play, in any condition you may face.
After going through the full course you will win more tennis matches and will have the knowledge to defeat any style of player you may play in a tennis match or tennis tournament.


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  1. I hope my hitting partners never see this video. Every time I want them to net the ball, I give em a nasty nasty slice. I don’t do it too often so they don’t catch on lmao. Cheeky I know, but I’m not exactly a 5.0 I gotta get my points where I can.

  2. Hey Simon, Shvain this side from India….there’s one thing I’d like to confirm on hitting the slice balls.
    What I feel is that hitting those balls right on the top before it drops is very important because at that time it has zero pace and you really need to generate your racquet head speed plus I also tried hitting at backhand disguise drop shots also helps just give a surprise element to the opponent…..I am actually 6.4 tall and hitting those dreadful backhand slice down the line was always a trouble for me I cannot maintain a strong court position if my opponent hitting slices down the line hope fully I can try this in practice.
    Shivain Suroya GPTCA level C coach(ATP Certified)

  3. Terrific video, guys! Love the fact that you are playing on grass court dressed in white, adds so much class to this very informative video. Great explanations all the way through. Plus I love the fact, that you play a lot of balls. Nothing is more dreadful than to watch 15 minutes of talking with no playing at all.

  4. When I first started out I would get rekt by these types of players they think they are sneaky but once you learn how to hit it right back at them they cant handle it usually its the older guys that do this.


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