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In this video, taken from the Coach Q&A section of Table Tennis University, Coach Tao Li answers a TTU student’s question on how to block heavy topspin (slow loops).

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  2. This loop has so less spin, you can probably smash it without thinking, I'm sorry but your lesson is wrong. This is not heavy topspin, this is baby topspin.

  3. This won't help much if there is really heavy topspin on it, in that case, hold the racket very loose in your hand. It will absorb the spin and do the trick.

  4. Can I question coach
    Because I want to buy a new blade and rubber because I have moved from the amateur level to the professional level …
    Is there someone who can help me in this matter ….
    thinks couch Li

  5. I am using an active block now . A trajectory of ball is less high and more speedy and dangerous for opponent. But I think, it is as the second step. Right?

  6. Nos podrías doblar al español tus videos ,seria de una gran ayuda para tus seguidores latinos .saludes desde Colombia .


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