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Check out our favorite ways to work on speed and footwork with the Reflex Ball!

This content was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic as stated in the description above.

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  1. During lock down I used the reflex ball against the wall such as last exercise in this video and playing this week with my partner I was better on returning serve. Really I felt the difference and my partner didn't know how I did that lol. You're more explosive and more agressive. I also added some shadow tennis with the wall exercise. Once you catch the ball after the bounce, you simulate a forehand or backhand or a voley if the ball bounce near the wall. 👍👍

  2. I've had one of these for over a decade, love it! Not sure how your participants were able to get it to bounce so consistently in the same direction! My experience has been that this ball will bounce in very random directions compared to the direction it's thrown/bounced. Regardless – its a great reflex trainer! I like to use it at the end of a workout – you're worn out and squeeze every last ounce of energy out by having to concentrate!


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