He’s Russia’s longest-serving leader since Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.
And if you are a Russian and you are under 20, you’ve never known another leader.
His critics fear he’s preparing to be ‘president for life’.
The 67 year old has backed a constitutional amendment to reset his presidential term count to zero, allowing him to run in another two elections.
The lower house of parliament passed the legislation on Tuesday.
And Russians are due to have their say in a constitutional referendum next month.
The amendments are the latest in a choreographed process that began in January.
Putin argues staying in power after his term ends will be good for Russia.
But how convinced are his critics?

Presenter: James Bays
Viktor Olevich – Center for Actual Politics
Sergei Guriev – Professor of economics, Paris Institute of Political Studies
Daragh McDowell – Russia analyst, Verisk Maplecroft global risk consultancy

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  1. Look Putin earned his place. Russia faces enemies at every turn. Who can face off against these dangers?  Who knows the pit-falls of power better? He brings stability and Safety for Russians and the World community. True,Putin is not perfect but he is the best choice for the Russian people,  who face many challenges and need very experienced wise leadership. Right now Putin is the best man standing.

  2. Al Jazeera, BBC's oompa loompa, as always, sticking their nose where it don't belong. Putin holds the election in a periodic manner, he won every time. That's democratic enough for 90% of the world, that means Russians still want him in power. Deal with it! It's none of anyone's business if Putin rules until the next century. Democrats DNC keep changing the rules to let Biden wins, how bout that being democratic at all??

  3. putin is your best guarantie for stability… too much expansionist spirit on this channel… to much lack of reason…

  4. How ever long President Putin remains leader of Russia is a decision of the Russian people. Furthermore, its none of anybody's business unless you are a citizen of Russia. In the United States it is a Wall Street and capitalist musical chairs game. When is the US musical chairs game going to end.

  5. The best politician and a President ,V. Putin will remain in power as long as Russians want him to be their President .

  6. Stop behaving like Americans and yelling the news at us. You are turning into an ugly CNN!!!

  7. What's the problem you have, when the English people come out from their grudge? Why you always want to run the world according to yours thoughts? Its Russian country, and its their problem who gonna rule or not, why are you interfering in their matters.

  8. Real question is: How long will Tamin al thani will hang on to power? but of course the lack of balls from the journalist who did this video is obvious!!!


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