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Holaaaa Familia, hope everyone is having a beautiful day.
Yes, you read that right, revenge on referees a completely different twist right? Ronaldo not only gets stopped from players, but sometimes from referees as well, but he always managed to get his revenge on those referees by winning the match at the end even after getting an undeserved decision from the referee on him. Clips come from different matches including his matches against Celta Vigo in 2013 and also Rayo Vallecano in 2015
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  2. Uhhhh, one of his teammates last names is nacho.
    That’s my dude yeah, just marry mrs.cheese and your name will be mr.nacho-cheese

  3. Not fans not players but even referees are jelaus at RONALDO We all know RONALDO IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD

    DISLIKE messi


  4. Ok let me get this straight, there are rules in football that should be follow strictly but they can be broken ONLY BY REFEREES BY MISTAKES?? Bullshit!
    They have fking earpiece that they can communicate with the officials, whats that for? For listening music?
    And there is camera with replay, whats that for? See they got all these equipment ready but they are not utilizing it. Unfair game will lived on i guess…
    Also karma is @ bitch!


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