How COVID-19 causes fatalities from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) by pulmonologist and critical care specialist Dr. Seheult of
This video illustrates how viruses such as the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can cause pneumonia or widespread lung inflammation resulting in ARDS.
Includes evidenced-based ARDS treatment breakthrough strategies: Low tidal volume ventilation, paralysis, and prone positioning.

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Speaker: Roger Seheult, MD
Co-Founder of
Clinical and Exam Preparation Instructor
Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

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  1. I pray for all the asthma patients including my dad. May God give you the strength to survive this deadly virus

  2. It might be worth updateing the thumbnail of this video as we learn more everyday =P
    keep up the good work 🙂

  3. So … ventilators used improperly can kill. You probably can’t do a A/B testing like we do in software on ventilators. Comparing survivorship among patients with or without ventilators. Also percentage of patients who survive once being on the ventilator. I am sitting on the fence of real usefulness of ventilators until( in practice) until I see that data

  4. My tummy feel weird and if touch the bones it hurts do i have the corona? and im coughing but its dry but i dont have headache and sick

  5. Hope this song resonates with many of you during these hard times.
    Memory Lane

  6. Flight MH-17 July 2014 shot by Russian over Donetsk region with at least 6 virologist . Yesterday Russian government figures on Covid-19 10500 people inflected 48.7% without symptoms. It means they can travel anywhere in the world and infect anyone. And temperature screening was nonsense since beginning. 80% theese people live in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. And they received immunisation before Covid-19 started in China with 6% symptoms free. So the question is why all world leader's are hiding and not telling the truth that Covid-19 started in Russia before it spreaded to the rest world. Is it because of Russian billions.?!

  7. I really appreciate these informative videos in a time of dangerous misinformation. Thankyou to everyone involved. Thanks from Australia.

    Ironically the advertisement before the video told me it could protect me from the virus. The MindValley app.

    I felt violated.

  8. I had the pleasure of having him as my doctor. He was one of the best doctors I have ever had. I had something going on with my lungs and he fixed me right up.

  9. Why isn't anti inflammatory used in lung ? Why isn't carbon dioxide removal methods used ? Does the virus block the bloods ability to carry oxygen or just block by affecting the lung ? Why isn't oxygen used with ventilation ?

  10. More interesting will be, how we can kill the corona virus – with the ozone therapy!

  11. Maybe doctors should use Liquid Breathing method with critical patients, that might help patients to avoid ARDS

  12. How about using a newly invented multi- patient ECMO machine in the event like 2020 Covid19 outbreak? My name is dilip . A chem eng / houston TX.

  13. Thank you for this. This came at the right time, as my friend lay in icu on a respirator with covid pneumonia. I now have a more understanding. Bless you.

  14. I'm so sorry, I think this is a really silly question, because I know theres an answer for why it doesnt work, but… I'm going to ask anyways.

    When a part of your body becomes inflamed, like after twisting an ankle or something, I've learned that you cant reduce inflammation with heat, ice, compression, elevation, etc. In make-up, you can reduce inflation around the eyes with tea bags (caffeine, I guess?).

    How do those things treat inflammation and why is it not possible/effective in treating lung inflammation?

  15. 80% of people put on intubation die. Respirators fine, but I am going to refuse intubation if I get ill and can possibly do it.

  16. Science has the potential to make metaphysics actually a domaine of true science. Ventilators are such a calamity in themselves and natural lung ventilation unbeatable (however it is not impossible to transplant or even inplant an even better ventilation)….

  17. This virus is a scam perpatrated on the public !
    1. To divide
    2. impliment and set up a very lethal 5g network which honest doctors would be irrate about and leading the way to banning it.
    3. To crash the economy and bring forth a cashless society of tracking and controling personal individual wealth through means of Crypto, Credit and Debit Cards already in use and Chip! which is in the plan to place inside the bogus vaccines they are getying billions to create for this bogus virus to mandatorily inject in all humans to place everyone under the will of the Global elite Criminal Cabal Forces.
    4. To Eliminate the remainder of mans inherent freefoms to buy sell trade and barter on his own terms.
    5. To dictate who lives and dies
    6. To make way for a real virus to spread within the next 2 years to depopulate the rest of the considered undesireables and dissenters from the New World Order Global Government. Stop bsing people! There are honest doctors on youtube who have come together to stand against the lies and unite people to take back their inherent freedoms to buy sell trade barter bare arns speak and think freely choose their own doctors schools and life!

  18. Administer a mixture of hydrogen has and oxygen to coronavirus patients early on and they will not need a ventilator.

  19. Thanks for this wonderful uplifting video as each of us wants to know all of the details about how this virus is killing us ….so that we can't tell it to our grand children.

  20. I have changed my opinion of proning, especially if it can be implemented before the patient is intubated, if the patient did not have to be in a medically induced coma, I can imagine a person in the early stages, sitting in a chair, leaning forward resting their head on a pillow to semi duplicate the prone position, or elevating the head of the bed, as you would with an acid reflux patient,

  21. Thank you for all of the condensed information a layman like myself can easily grasp; enabling us to fight the flood of disinformation coming from a multitude of propaganda sources with backed up facts and links to actual, scientific sources.

  22. 7:18 but without removing co2 from blood how it's possible to fill or replace oxygen in blood ? Is there enough room in blood ?

  23. The “Flu” can kill also, and for decades, that’s life, so Stop trying to scare us healthy and Smart people with this “Coronavirus Pandemic” scam, ain’t going to work.


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