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From scratch to hitting with it on the court, we follow the journey of how a racquet is made!

* This video was filmed before the Covid-19 pandemic *

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  1. Chris, I so admire your passion for tennis. I’ve played for 40 years, strung racquets for 30 years and just been obsessed with the sport and the equipment for as long as I can remember. This was an awesome video, I really enjoyed the insight into the head R&D site.

  2. Kind of funny, those produced their are destined for the pros only, and most general consumers won’t be getting one made there. Yet the video is released to the public and us non-pros viewers can only drool 🤤
    BTW, Chris did you get a PT10 or a PT57A as souvenir 🤣
    All the best and love your reviews Chris!

  3. Impressive but still not at the same level as Yonex……and what we see here is not the mass produced made in China frames….

  4. After purchased two new Head Prestige MP racquets with swing weight difference of 15g (309g vs 324g), I switched to Yonex VCore Pro 97HD. I loved the feel and performance of the new Prestige MP, but the quality control turned me away.

  5. It's just a shame that Austria is not the place of manufacture for racquets off the shelf. It used to be special buying a Head racquet with Made in Austria inscribed on the racquet.

    So, what you see here is not what you get. And we all know about QC control issues of mass production.

    That's just the fact of cheap labour and companies trying to maximise their profits, rather than caring for producing a quality product.

    And this is perhaps why some of the much older Head frames are still considered classics today with some of the molds still being used by the pros with their pro stock racquets.

    Nice review Chris, just a shame some more transparency wasn't shown as not everybody watching understands where consumer racquets are made.

    Cheers. 🎾🎾🎾

  6. How do they change the weight distribution if it's a uniform material throughout? Do they just change the shape of the mold?

  7. Thanks for the video at least for nostalgia's sake. May have been a dream come true to Chris, but a flipping nightmare for the rest of us who have to deal with the atrocious QC of Chinese made off the rack Head racquets.

  8. Is this double tube in the handle where the 2 ends of the rod meet in the mold what HEAD traditionally refereed to as "twin tube"?

  9. I wonder how their made in China for the mass production market?_ would imagine there is a lot more mechanical input into shop models.

  10. But none of these racquets are sold to the public. All we can buy are those speed Djokovic never used the they are all made overseas to save cost. They even skipped twaron in their new PT630 paint job. How much more profit does Head want?


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