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Want to hit your one handed backhand like Stanislas Wawrinka? Today’s video tennis lesson will show you the top three ways that you can copy his technique for a more solid, consistent, powerful one hand backhand. You’ll get to see me on the court demonstrating each of the main elements that you need to copy from Stan and also see super slow motion examples of him executing them himself.
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  1. thanks for these great tips. struggle a little bit right now with the bh. Let's see if this works!!

  2. You picked a good pro to immulate, and the lesson was straight forward and easy to remember. Thanks.

  3. Would be easier to follow your great instruction if the colour of your clothes did not blend into the background colour i.e. grey on grey

  4. Great video! As I watched it, it seems like Stan's wrist is fairly firm at contact. He is coming into the shot high to low to ball contact with FIRM wrist.. He ONLY "releases" his wrist AFTER the ball has left his racket. I have too many mishits. As a 4.0 player I will be working on attempting to use less wrist flick or no longer brushing up with my wrist on ball contact. I hope you agree Ian:)

  5. Seems like the links at the end of the video are umm expired. Maybe that means I'm an expired person. Or a late adaptor. Or a whatever. I don't know what I am 😛

  6. Love your casual, easygoing approach to coaching. I'm back in the game after a 25 year absence. Amazing having access to your expertise. Keep helping us amateurs outperform our expectations!

  7. Like Voltaire, I hit 1hbh as my standard shot. I hit 2hbh if hard low flat ball is coming, and I use it to control passing shots hit from no-man's land that have to be really precise. Yes, this telegraphs my shot, but I am not a 5.0. What is wrong with having both 1hbh and 2hbh in your toolbox?

  8. Great advice and review of the mechanical aspects of the one hand backhand. As I have gotten older, I am appreciating the beauty of one hander and will be training to transition from a two-hander to a one hander. Easier on the body. 💚

  9. Congratulations Ian I have noticed how easy and relaxed you hit the ball always with enough power and consistency. I suppose that you are a very good tennis player. By the way very good tip.

  10. Thank you, that was great – video is perfect for me – 3 things checked:
    – slow motion of Stan's technique
    – tutorial made by left handed trainer
    – my favourite shot

  11. Hi, Ian. I've been battling with backhand because I've been switching from and to 2hbh and 1hbh. with 1hbh I produce more spine and power but the hitting zone is way infront which results to inconsistency. meanwhile, 2hbh it's more consistent because of a closer hitting zone but lacks power and feels too constricted. Should I improve my 1hbh or my 2hbh?

  12. Good review. Simple to understand. I look forward to getting on the court I have been trying to get more consistent with hitting my backhand.

  13. Ian, great tips. Thanks. One thought about the editing of this video. It is very distracting when you make your video edits in the middle of your swings. It doesn't allow us to watch the entire motion. It would be better to show us one angle with a full swing and then let us see the second angle. I would learn more that way. Keep up the good work. I'll keep watching.

  14. Question about getting into proper position quickly enough. Sometimes I'm playing power hitters that'll switch it up from a lighter hit ball that i'll have to chase down or a heavy ball that's deep like in your examples. Question is, what happens when you just dont have the time to make that positional adjustment, do you opt out for a different stroke instead, like a backhand slice? Or am I truly just too slow and not reading the player well enough to make this adjustment? Thanks!

  15. Hi, very useful video. Thanks for sharing it.
    Could you please upload a video explaining the lower body position during hit preparation? Showing how much do we have to bend the leg and knee.


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