Hinata shoyo Best Moments – Haikyuu Season 3

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Anime Used:
Haikyuu Season 3

Song used:
Different Heaven – Safe And Sound [NCS Release]



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Free Video Resources for the lower third.

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  1. Does anyone else get super pumped watching these? Like your heart beats fast and you feel like you're actually in the gym watching an amazing volleyball game and cheering your head off? XD

  2. This video is 4 minutes long that show you that yes he may have gotten the final point he didn't have all the glory to make it 20 minutes

  3. I really appreciate this animation now 😅The animators did a great job, moves weren't so strange like they are in s4

  4. Shiratorizawa's coach is so fucking jelly of Hinata. Bastard couldn't accept that a shorty like him best his team so he leaves him out of the rookie training camp.

  5. I notice in the final Hinata doesn't say give it to me or his usual line in other season MAAYBE thats just me

    P. S: moments like this makes me wanna see more of Hinata. I can't get enough of his amazing jump and tricks uwu


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