Unboxing & overview of the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM 23″ LED professional monitor. Features IPS panel for accurate colours, good contrast and great viewing angles.
Review coming soon!

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  1. The Eizo looks like another class, although they should produce similar data. It might be connected with the LUT differentiating more shades of colour, but I don't really know.

  2. It's overrated. I have this as a second monitor for a second location, and it looks awful compared to my Eizo FS2333, although the difference should be negligible. It looks like any mediocre, secondrate IPS, so there's no point bothering about getting Dell compared to something else. (I paid about 120€ used, since it's "only" as a second monitor, but it's certainly not worth it paying more for it than for something else.)

  3. Im very elevated when I sit, the Dell screen doesn't move to the same extent as the Eizo I have. The ergometry is different, the pivot of the Dell doesnt allow the screen to be tilted as much when lowered and tipped.

  4. I'm the reviewer in the vid and still have this screen and I can definitely push it down on the stand and tilt the lower end up with the top going slightly backwards, all while the screen is lowered – just tried it and am typing this comment with the screen in this position 🙂

  5. The ergometry is not too god cause the flexibility doesn't go all the way, you can't position the screen in the same manner as you can with the referred Eizo models, I like to push it down on the stand AND with a tilt motion simultaneously make the lower end of the screen tilt up and the top end slightly going backwards – while the screen is lowered. This is not possible with the Dell UltraSharp. I've tried.

  6. What do you mean about tilting? You can tilt the screen of u2312hm 21 degrees up and 4 degrees down. imgur. com/Puz40kS
    I agree when it comes to graphics work.

  7. Too bad you cant tilt the Dell in a down/up position like you can with Eizo screens, it is really a good feature for better econometrics that the Dell monitors lack. I also think that both the Eizo Flexscan and the Eizo ColorEdge models exceeds any Dell product for graphic design work and photograph work in general.

  8. Another nice video! Please do a comparison video of the three monitors. I am looking forward to buying one of those after two months or so. I am into graphic designing, editing and also play games! Currently I am using Benq E2200HD.


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