The streets of Hanoi filled up instantly when Vietnam beat Qatar in the Semi Final AFC U23 Match in China … and I was fortunate enough to be there to see it! Check it out as fans share their passion and pride at the moment of the win!

XOXO ~ Angela

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– LEICA V-LUX from YL Camera Malaysia

– RODE VIDEOMIC GO lightweight on-camera microphone

– Selfie moments:shot on my iPhone using a leather and gold MOMAX Selfie Pro stick

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  1. This's how to celebrate a win..I see no violence or looting like they did in the US of A…after a super bowl or NBA finals !! Go VN🇻🇳

  2. This is normal. About over 12 years before, vietnam won tiger cup. The whole Hanoi celebrated like never celebrate before
    Some are standing on bus winging flag
    Some stand on the fire track, singing, winging flag, recording, shouting
    Alot of fans in Hai phong city, Saigon, Dalat, Hue city, Da Nang, Phan Thiet, Vung Tau, Thuan An, Soc Trang, Can Tho, etc. use fireworks, signal pistols, self-created smoke bomb, firecracker and other kind of colorful exlosing objects. They thrown all of these down the street, in a house, on top of buildings so the nearly the whole city drowned in smoke and colorful things
    Also, in companies, offices inside and outside vietnam, foreighning students also shouting and celebrating
    And alot alot more. I cant describe all by word, it was too strong for words to describe

  3. we got so much pride, especially in the north……n after losing the finals we partied after, no riots or looting unlike in the west n sometimes europe n middle east

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  5. Tôi đánh giá rất tốt các vận động viên việt nam.Và nhìn vào các fan việt nam, hình ảnh ủng hộ nhiệt tình của hàn quốc năm 2002 đã rất ấn tượng.Chúc mừng các bạn đã vào thẳng chung kết nhé!Tôi sẽ cổ vũ cho anh (chị) ấy vì anh ấy là đạo diễn của 박항서.Nam hàn cũng thích chơi đá banh như vậy, nhưng các bạn fan hàn quốc cũng muốn trở thành nhà vô địch của việt nam, mong là việt nam sẽ trở thành nhà vô địch!Xin chào các bạn

  6. You're in luck! Just in time to see some of the first celebrations for Vietnamese football in the past 10 years lol, these are like the safest days in VN ever, you can swing your smartphones everywhere without fearing that someone from the crowd's gonna snatch it away lol
    Anyways this video needs more views! If you open up caption edit and description translation I'd be glad to translate it all to Vietnamese for you.


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