Haikyuu!! is returning to Japanese TV for a season 4 in January 2020, and a new cast & staff member.

Original story: Haruichi Furudate
Character design: Kishida Takahiro
Director: Sato Masako
Animation Production: Production I.G

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© Haruichi Furudate/SHUEISHA, “Haikyu!!” Production Committee, MBS

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  1. Look i am not vollyball fan but due to haykyuu, I kinda know about it and I finish whole 3season in one go and now waiting for 4episode of season 4 . One thing is certain after watching this anime, it's give me chill and give me goosebumps sometime which reminds how we feel in outdoor game and why we love winning caz its give us sense of pride at that moment

  2. you know once i did a minus tempo back attack,and the ball went over 80kmph on the other side….that was my best spike ever….and fun thing is that when i did that insted of receiving the other team just watched me and let the point got away!…they said that they just wanted to watch.

  3. I never thought I can love this anime so much, I wasn't even interested in volleyball in real life. But haikyuu changed my mind♥️
    Waiting for season 4 💯
    See us in the championship😇
    Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪🇯🇵

  4. Haikyuu not just focuses on the winning side of the court but also to those who lost. You can clearly see and feel every players' frustration when they lose, you can also feel their joy. What is Karusono isn't the main characters of these anime? Would you still feel happy about them winning?

    And that made this anime perfect. You can relate even tho the viewers aren't volleyball players and I don't find sports anime good not until I watched Haikyuu. Please don't end this anime, it inspires many including me to keep on fighting. They made me realize so much things. The anime is close to reality.


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