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  1. As a Brazilian I am proud to see that most of the comments are about Guga, even in a game that Sampras won. Unfortunately the hip shortened his excellent career!

  2. Guga didn't have the firepower of Sampras but still made a match of it. Entertaining player and one of the few players who is liked universally.

  3. Uma pena nessa época não tinha conhecimento suficiente para valorizar o feito desse jogador. Guga.

  4. SAMPRAS the GOAT. He beat GUGA, with a very teeny tiny PRO STAFF 85, in a 5 setter masters Final. Back then the Finals of the masters 1000 were played in 5 sets.

  5. Never again we will watch a crazy tennis, Agassi, Guga, Sampras and others does magic on court … Tks Tennis Tv for this movie when tennis was tennis

  6. Classic vs. modern. Guga first to play with polyester strings and hence ability to rip ball and generate huge topspin passes.

  7. Does anybody else see a little of Guga in Tsitsipas? Watching this video made me realize theres some similtarity in their gait, posture, technique, etc

  8. Sometimes I watch Pete Sampras and I think, on a hard-court, would Roger Federer or indeed anyone be his master? Peak Sampras vs peak Federer on Wimbledon Centre Court, what a match.

  9. I see serve volley is mentioned a lot here on this video. The last true serve volley player to be number 1 consistently was John McEnroe between 1980 and 1984. Lendl took over from Mac. Edberg was number 1 for a year in 1991. Becker was only number 1 for only thirteen weeks in his fifteen year career. Sampras was number 1 for a large chunk between 1993 and 2000. However, besides his Wimbledon titles, I would argue Sampras' period of number 1 was not as an out and out serve volleyer, the last true serv volleyer to be number 1 was Stefan Edberg.

    Yes it would be nice to see some serve volleyers but that is never going to be a tactic that will get you to number 1 and stay there. In Sampras' case, he just happened to have natural gifts, the ability to serve efficiently with a lot of spin, plus elite athleticism allowing him to stay in rallies and turn defence to attack. Most true serve volleyers dont want to rally for more than five shots but Sampras and Becker were all court players.
    Basically what the tour needs is more all court players not just serve volleyers. Guys like Todd Martin would come into that category of all court player, we need more players like this to get to the top ten, not just grinders. We need modern day Tsongas who know how to attack the net and volley with conviction. Dimitrov has not progressed at all and even though Wawrinka is wonderful to watch (I've seen him play live), his movement and volley skills in the forecourt are not up to scratch.

  10. Kuerten visade att han kunde spela lysande tennis även på hardcourt mot den renodlade
    hardcourtspecialisten pete Sampras.

  11. Guga, what a pity his injuries. By the way, has almost never reacted like that, breaking rackets. But what happened there was an absurd, this video doesn’t show but there were at least 3 huge errors in favor of Sampras. Still, amazing game and the volleys of Sampras… fuck, just magic.

  12. Commentator Fru Macmillan says it's bad judgement by Kuerten @ 13:51, but not as bad judgement as your choice of life long doubles partner eh Fru?

  13. Guga.. the Socrates of Brazillian Tennis. What an awesome match. Only the Sampras Agassi and Becker matches of that era were equivalent or at a higher level.

  14. I remember those times, Sampras was the real anti tennis, the big 3 are better than him… So ugly way of play, serve and volleying…

  15. Takes so much skill and mastery to do what Sampras did here and in general. Grand slam wise he may have less than Nadal. But to me Sampras is better. Nadal is good at running and looping the ball til his opponent missed from exhaustion and being lulled to sleep. Sampras had a more complete game. Much more exciting too. Each shot had a purpose. He played percentage tennis but usually kept points short. He had marathon matches but typically didnt bore the crowd with the selfish pursuit of winning through attrition.

  16. Sampras brought a different dimension to tennis with his ability at the net. It would be great to see more players like him especially on grass or fast hard courts. Sampras at his prime on grass was the best I've seen.

  17. Que aburrido y repetitivo era el juego de sampras saque y red por eso jamas tubo oportunidad en rolanga ross en tierra batida… esta claro que si hubiera jugado en la epoca actual en la misma del big3 no hubiera tenido ninguna oportunidad federer nole y nadal son grandes pasadores claro ejemplo que estos tres pulverizadon a roddick el tenía un juego parecido

  18. Out of every shot from every player ever, it's Sampras' second serve that I'd love to have the most. Makes it all sooo efficient


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