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As seen on CBS Television and ESPN News, Chiropractic Sports Medicine Physician, Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm, located in Bozeman, MT, demonstrates Graston technique instrument assisted soft tissue treatment for tennis elbow (lateral epicondylosis).

Effective for acute and chronic injuries, Graston technique may be the treatment to save you from injections and surgery.

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  1. I’ve tried pt, cortisone shots, shockwave therapy and now prp. Is there benefit in me trying this as well? My next step is surgery as I have had it for 5 years and it is quite chronic. I have bilateral tennis elbow with some tricep tenderness as well.

  2. Hurt my bicep and there using these tools. Hurts so bad and afterwards a few days later its hurts so bad to the point I am taking so much pain meds and cant move my arm hardly. Just in time for the bicep to feel better and I go back to physical therapy. 😤😢😨. Aching so bad but I hope it helps sense I have to go through so much pain to get better

  3. My Daughter 6 years old. She is doing Gymnastics Sports befor 5 day she have fall on gymnastics Apparatus.
    And soft tissue injury in left elbow.
    Please help me
    My watup no. is +919315323010
    I have X-ray also.

  4. If doing rehabilitation exercises for tennis elbow, do you recommend doing the Graston technique before OR after the exercises? Thank you!

  5. I tore my distal bicep tendon. After surgery my Physical Therapist used this technique on my bicep and tendon. It helped with rough muscle fibers and relieved pain and tightness incredibly. In the right hands of a professional, Graston is a life saver

  6. Where would you not want to scrape on the forearm? Basically where are these nerves you're talking about that you don't want to hit

  7. I had tennis elbow for the first time at age 43. It's went in for 6 months. Started in one side and then went to the other. I rested them, tried strengthening my muscles. Nothing worked. I finally went to pt. He did graston and ultrasound. And it finally went away. Helping the facia heal. Great video. Thanks for educating people.

  8. if you rubbed my elbow at all I would be in agony. I've had tennis elbow for years but this is the first time it hasn't gone away even after two months of rest. I can't even sleep because if I move my arm while I'm sleeping it hurts so bad it wakes me up. my doctor can't even get an MRI for my degenerated disks which did show up on x-ray approved so this has just been swept under the rug and I'm left to deal with it. I'm pretty sure I need surgery at this point. never thought it would be this painful

  9. Is 12 enough sessions to get rid of chronic for arm pain that has been there for 8 years? I don't mind getting sessions but I don't want to have to commit to having to get this done every week for the rest of my life.

  10. What do I have and how do I fix it?????

    A couple weeks ago I fell and landed on my right hand, this involving my wrist, elbow and arm.  After the accident which hurt like hell, I immediately checked for anything broken and did not find nothing, but as the day went by I began to loose strength,  and mobility, it began to hurt more and my wrist got really swollen and also in my elbow area, (also in the next day I was bruised all over my elbow area).   I then lost complete ability to move my right arm from my elbow to my wrist for the next week or so. (All my fingers were just swollen but I could still move them except my thumb)  as the week progressed I began to recuperate, the swelling went away and I began to regain limited movement but not strength (Side Note: during this time I was taking Naproxen Pills)

    2 weeks went by and I started getting better but could not fully stretch our my right arm, or I could not rotate my wrist from palm down to palm up, so I decided to go to chiropractor because it was cheaper than going to ER.   The doctor there sent me to another location to get X-Rays of my wrist area and elbow. I went to another chiropractor to get X-RAYED, the doctor there after he saw the x-rays said I did not have nothing broken. But when I came back to my first chiropractor he said I had a broken bone in my wrist so he sent me to an Orthopedic Doctor, well when he saw my X-Rays he immediately said I did not have anything broken but said I had my muscles or tendons swollen and he recommended more rest and prescribed me Meloxicam an anti-inflammatory which I have been taking for over a month

    fast forward to today.  I have strength (but not as I used to) and I can rotate my arm with no problem.  My arm in the elbow and wrist area will start to hurt when I use it a lot and my elbow keeps popping really hard, sometimes it hurts when it pops some times it don’t.  I have pain also in my wrist right next to my thumb.   Also i still am not able to move my wrist fully upwards towards me if my arm is stretched out, and i still can not put pressure on my wrist (like if i was to do a push up) my wrist will hurt .  My main concern is my elbow, it will not straighten out.  What can I do to my elbow so it can stretch out with no problem, what do I take. What is the problem with it and how do I fix it

    I appreciate your help

  11. Hi! i just saw your video and it was very interesting because i had just been put on rest from work because lateral epicondylitis and im waiting for my PT, but im wondering where can i go for this kind of treatment in Northern California. i live in a small town and i would like to go back to full function of my arm sooner and go back to work.

  12. if you have been treating for that long with little result, then you should consider another type of treatment. I recommend you looking into fascial manipulation. Good luck!

  13. We've been at it for 6 weeks (post-shoulder surgery, I'm a problem child) and all we've achieved so far is spectacular bruising. I look forward to this mythical 'relief' of which everyone speaks.

  14. I have a question, a serious question, not intent for any racism. Would graston technique work on a really dark skin african american? You said that you needed to see the area redden in order to detect the problem areas.

  15. Really good, informative video! I like your no BS approach to giving good information. Thanks! BTW if you were in my area I would be calling now.


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