On 24 Nov 2019, Goo Hara, former member of K-pop group Kara, was found dead in her home, just a month after her friend Sulli passed.

Here’s how their friendship got them through life, and lasted till the end.

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  1. Stop using Hate Comments as Scapegoat
    It Was all Lesbian Love Drama
    Don't Pretend that they didn't have Romance prior too there Deaths
    Someone Broke there Hearts

  2. Sulli and Hara were Lovers Not friends
    The Relationship lasted from 2016-2017
    and they didn't Speak to other afterwards OK

  3. It still doesn't feel real. I can't imagine losing any of my friends… The pain must be unbearable .. honestly this heartbreaking…

  4. rest well, and hope you are happy. 💓💖💜❤️💗💛❣💚💕💙💞💝💘💜💟

  5. I'm scared that jennie might do the same with all the labels and pressure. They're all human beings could you give them a break?

  6. So sad to know that most of the people today are trying to escape life diffuculties is thru killing their own life….Their foundation of true hope rely only on human and not from God….

  7. I got bullied. And it really really depressing. Its like questioning yourself what wrong did you do to them. Even your innocent. And you may think whole world is against you. Bullying is a crime. You really needed friends "trusted friend" who accepts for who you are and will lift your spirit. And keep on praying cause at the end of the day all things will come to pass.
    Praying for those people who have low spirit and being bullied. Remember you are not weak when people bullied you. God is watching and knows your pain. God is in charge.

  8. Goo hara 😓😥😪😪😪😥😓 ih love you ih love sulli tot cha in jongyung ih love you 😓😥😪😓😥😪

  9. They were like ariana grande or smth like that ..?? They were so beautifull …omg and the boy…like how much famous they were? It s not like it matters i just wanna know…cause …i dont know i don t know asian entertaimnt sorry from arg i know i make some mistakes writting

  10. Two beautiful angels reunited in heaven. They can rest alongside Jonghyun now ❤️❤️❤️ rip three beautiful talented souls

  11. I think people need to start realizing that these stars are just humans. Too much pressure is put on these girls with not enough time to enjoy their own life. Constant tours and press conferences, makes me feel sad to see what they go through. Music industry is tough, they need to know we have their back and that we care. I think they need some time off to enjoy their lives just like anyone else. Industry needs to back off on the pressure that they put them through, hope no other star needs to go through it again.

  12. It seemed to me that there is part in Korean culture that harshly objectifying women and being so judgmental on them also there is their agencies whom exploited them in many ways descent and non descent unfortunately we lost these two bright young ladies and the criminals ran away with their crimes

  13. Sulli died on my birthday and hara died on one of my friend’s birthday…

    R.I.P both of you may you have a good life both in heaven~


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