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Golden Open 20 Junior Tournament Mathes | Tennis Clash Gameplay With Commentary.
It’s time for the Junior Golden Open Tournament 20 Matches 🎾💪 And I am going to play all of them in a hope that I will end up at least in the Top 10 so I can get a decent bag and I will certainly put all my skill and effort I have into it to achieving that 😁🎾💪 And If you find this entertaining and enjoy my commentary with my Scottish accent, please be sure to check out my channel for other videos such as tips, tricks, gameplays and more 😊 And please be sure to leave a Like and Subscribe for more and Ring the Bell for video notifications 🎾
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  1. youre very talented man 🙂 soo good play , really enjoying to watch, even no pressure of playing live too ,take care of yourself 🙂

  2. at 40:30 that game against FLY made apparent how many players behave… taking the stroke where they are is much better as they move to the other direction immediately as u start the swing animation, some kind of a little trap. And that guy also tried to dropshot u right when your stamina got low, very good tactic but poorly executed.

  3. hey my freind congrats for getting a high place i will say the 20 matches some were hard and some were a little bit more easy ty for the amazing live love all ur videos and i am ur biggest fan !

  4. Hey guys, anyone here around with 1250 trophies and unlocked tour7? I am looking for people to do what the ACE and FLY guys are doingin tour8: Farming tour7 as a pair, always rematching and giving the subsueqent win to the other person. Thereby you can farm T7 bags and also get into master 1/2. I know it is unorthodox, but if you cant beat them join them ^^if you are down, just pm me
    serious offers from people with unlocked tour7 only please

  5. Wow I played in rookie tournament and I saw no cheaters but I cant believe people do this and ruin other people's chances

  6. The cheater… I mean how did he get to play himself in every round??? that tunahan is definitely his own account since they have the exact same points but opposite.

  7. Hi man great tournament. About cheaters, I’ve got a +127 balance in rookie and that was without cheating then 10 mins ago I checked and a guy overtook me wit a balance of +132 😂 I don’t know if he cheated or not but that’s life 😉 I really hope they’ll find a way to ban cheaters anyway. BOOM MAN!!

  8. Sir I am motivated through your video's and I started my YouTube channel pls💯
    Subscribe my channel.pls……

    I subscribed you're channel
    Loved it…😍🤩


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