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Golden Open 10 Junior Qualifying Mathes | Tennis Clash Gameplay With Commentary.
It’s time for the Junior Golden Open Tournament 10 Qualifications Matches 🎾💪 And I am going to play all of them in a hope that I will qualify for the Tournament and I will certainly put all my skill and effort I have into it to achieving that 😁🎾💪 And If you find this entertaining and enjoy my commentary with my Scottish accent, please be sure to check out my channel for other videos such as tips, tricks, gameplays and more 😊 And please be sure to leave a Like and Subscribe for more and Ring the Bell for video notifications 🎾
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  1. I'm very sorry for the bad language at some points 🙏 It was my toothache that was speaking, not me 😅😅 And thank you everyone who checked in Live and I hope you enjoy me qualifying for the Tournament and please be sure to check out my channel for other videos such as tips, tricks, gameplays and more 😊 And please be sure to leave a like and Subscribe for more and ring the bell for daily video notifications 🎾 Thank you all and enjoy 🙏 🎾 😎

  2. I just start play Tennis Clash since quarantine and Golden Open is my first tournament. I'm currently in 2nd place so hopefully it stays that way. Good Luck for the tournament round. great vid!

  3. Well done on qualifying and congrats on 4k subs, glad alot more people are enjoying your videos like me. What time will you be playing the tournament rounds? And hope you're feeling better my friend.

  4. Congratzzz for 4k subscribers!!!!!
    I hate volley players so much and i get so frustrated, so those bad languages come out so often !!!!

  5. Get better Man, gute besserung, geçmiş olsun.
    My comment in the chat wasn't clear, half of it was up, the other half down. U asked why your character moved suddenly to one position. Well that's the new feature (yeahh damn auto correct spelled future) of an update. Right after you swipe/serve u can immediately tap on where u want to take position next.

  6. Did u have to replay any after 63? 62 was the minimum in my bracket … I was afraid my own score (also 63) wasn’t enough!

  7. i think most of the players are playing rookie tourney.. like me..he he he.. i am grouped with level 3800 players.. wtf.. what a joke..


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