Georgina Rodriguez couldn’t hold back the tears when Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick during the match between Juventus and Atlético Madrid. She published a beautiful letter on social media following the game, which we have brought to life in this video.

This is also the perfect moment to remind yourself of the origins of the love story between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez.

Passionate about football, Ronaldo has also found love outside of the beautiful game. It’s a story that began back in 2016, in a clothing boutique. Find out how Georgina stole Cristiano’s heart.


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  2. now ohmygoal has started uploading nonsense vids.. i respect and adore cristiano to death but why would his girlfriend write him a letter when they sleep together everynight..

  3. Cristiano is getting worst player.. he cant win ucl with juve.. people and also manager always asking on how to stop ronaldo.. but ronaldo has been stopped by joining juve.. last week juve win against milan because of he dive to earn penalty

  4. Please can you reklam for may chanal iam new and I love Ronaldo so much I need some subscription please help me thank you so much

  5. Get you a girl who supports you the way Georgina Rodriguez supports Ronaldo that's wifey material a real keeper

  6. Gergiana she is great lover she is strong woman she is loving n caring for her chilld…… See how often she manages their children……. This is the family……. Family is everything in this so robots world this couple seems to be human


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