The love story between Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo seems practically perfect. Georgina Rodriguez revealed how she and Cristiano Ronaldo met during an interview with The Sun, the English tabloid…


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  1. my mother always said to me: "get a woman before you are famous so that when you become one you will remember she was there for you when you had nothing."

  2. I have been in “field love” with CR7 from 2003 since he first struck the news with his awesome goal. I have been wanting to just see him once in my lifetime…Might be Georgina ha stuck with him for 3 years but my soul has stuck with him for 17 years now..I started loving football after the field love towards CR7..!! Sounding crazy..?? 😊May be for you, but for me, this has been my lifetime moment to see him once…I trust that it will happen because the field love I have for him will certainly drive the show for me…😊

  3. they have 3 kids together! her not physically giving birth to them does not mean they're not their biological kids! She just had a surrogate do it for them.

  4. obstacle? :))) , – to make 3000€ a month or less for 40 years. Let me know then how strong is it. They endure nothing.

  5. FINALLY!!! I just saw a vid in which you explicitly describe how and where they met umma unsubscribe if you continue this kinda shit

  6. This woman only wanted money cause she knew he was filthy rich, like why didn’t you do this back in 2009 why wait almost 10 years to this🤦🏽‍♂️. This society is messed up no humanity

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