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Beat produced by: G-Eazy
Sample: Tennis – “Marathon”

She only loves sex, money & drugs…

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  1. Oh thank god. I thought the “All I Do Part 2” was gonna be a Logic song. I’m relieved that it’s just a G eazy remix

  2. In no particular order, because they just kept coming to my mind (damn he's got so much old fire)

    1. Waspy
    2. Fried Rice
    3. Been On
    4. Acting Up
    5. Rebel
    6. Runaround Sue
    7. Marilyn
    8. Dear Ms. Rose
    9. Apple of My Eye
    10. Lost in Translation
    11. Lady Killers
    12. Reefer Madness
    13. Almost Famous
    14. The Coolest Job
    15. Far Alone (without E40)

  3. I haven't listened to G-Eazy properly for 6 years, since this kind of era. Brings back good memories – this is the first song of his I ever heard.

  4. Still my favourite song after 4 years

    I heard it in the background of a Letsfifa compilation and I’ve been loving it ever since 🔥🔥🔥

  5. 8 years, almost 9, i love both sides of G-Eazy, i vibe to the old ones when i'm alone, but the new ones play when the party's together!

  6. Verse 1: G-Eazy]
    Yeah, she like the way I flip this Tennis shit
    But the fact that she don't know the words really says a bit
    She says we just friends, don't you love benefits?
    Rich girls with beamers and country club memberships
    Yeah, where playing golf is a hobby
    Where the grass is green and the culture is snobby
    When she needs a rip, she'll call her friend Robby
    Rich girl with a trust fund, bitch is WASPy
    Yeah, and she won't wear it unless it's cashmere
    And she won't buy it on sale or if it's last year
    She hands daddy's credit card to the cashier,
    and when she go somewhere she always keep her stash near
    She know the deal, we fuck second and we blaze first
    She had some work done, just so she don't age worse
    She'll fuck me five times, all in a day's work
    But won't clean the sheets up, that's the maid's work

    [Hook: Tennis]
    Coconut Grove is a very small cove
    Separated from the sea by a shifting shoal
    We didn't realize that we had arrived at high tide, high tide
    Will we make it out alive?

    [Verse 2: G-Eazy]
    Uh-huh, and the pages of Vogue set her trends
    She looks in the mirror, thinks of who she's better then
    Slides a bird to the bouncer that she know'll let her in
    She's livin' in a fantasy she hopes'll never end, cause she's
    19, with a fortune to blow
    And she's never had to work, that's a fortunate ho
    With a fortunate dro, and a fortune to blow
    Munchin' tricks out an antique porcelain bowl
    Yeah, we light up and smoke it all, we don't waste any
    She make a THIZZ face every time she taste Henny
    Sure, her body's lame, but her face pretty
    She like to keep her nose runny and her waist skinny
    I'm just a punk kid, and she's a rich girl
    She's from the other side of town and that's a different world
    But what she don't know is how to live a real life
    She's a WASPy girl, we party all night

    [Hook: Tennis]

    [Verse 3: G-Eazy]
    If real life hit her, she wouldn't know what it was
    She only love sex, money, and drugs
    If real life hit her, she wouldn't know what it was
    She only love sex, money, and drugs
    She only love sex, money, and drugs
    She only love sex, money, and drugs
    She only love sex, money, and drugs

    [Hook: Tennis]

  7. I remember playing this loud 5 years ago when I was only 14 and getting scared that my mom would yell at me for the "sex, money, and drugs" part

  8. I remember when I found Out about G. He was so unknown, then a few songs got on the radio & everyone acting like they’ve been on, na that’s that shit I’ve been on 👀🤔😎


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