Elevate your tennis game and technique with these forehand series by AMG Academy Tennis Program. The first in a four-video series on forehand fundamentals to help you perform consistently and improve your game. Learn from IMG Academy Tennis Coach, Weylu Chang, starting with the five key fundamentals positions of the forehand. Mastering these five fundamentals will significantly improve your technique and eventually improve your game.
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  1. Everything is fine. Thank you. But contact point at 1:06 the face of your racket is DOWN instead of being PERPENDICULAR to the ground. With the racket face DOWN, you are NOT going to make the shot: the ball will hit the court on YOUR side or bottom of the net. There ain't NO WAY the ball would clear the net this way. It's just the simple law of physics! C. Nguyen VN-MACA

  2. This is legacy tennis and is not the way to learn a forehand. The modern forehand is the method used by the Pro's, especially Federer. He is the blueprint that all great coaches will use when teaching tennis starting with 4 yr-olds on up!

  3. her elbow isnt moving linearly to target line like you said should happen and you show in your forehand. She pulls, then internally rotates and gets a nice whip. I dont see her moving linear with elbow, which i geuss would give more plow thru??

  4. His elbow position on take-back (tucked close to the torso) is how I used to do my forehand.  It gave me shoulder tendinitis.


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