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Hey everyone, this will be my second-to-last live stream (the last being the March “Man”-ness finale). I committed to too many novels and friends’ projects, and as a result I am falling behind in university and lacking personal motivation as of late. This doesn’t mean I will never post again for sure; It just means I will be on hiatus for an indefinite period of time, and if I find the time to make videos again, I will start posting again (but far less frequently and fewer novels). I want to thank everyone that has supported my channel up to this point, and I really appreciate the love.

There are other visual novel channels that do the same stuff as I do (and more!), and I highly recommend the following people:
Blaidd Llywd:

Here’s my Twitter account, which posts art and video updates (if I resume posting later):

I now have a Patreon in case anyone wants to donate to me (if I resume posting later):

I also have a Discord now:

You can also follow Basket’s work (WorstOfTheBunch) on Patreon and Twitter:

Also, you can follow Nyaruh’s artwork on DeviantArt and Twitter:


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  1. You could clearly see the passion basket put on Jun route because of how much more complicated and life-threatening to both Yuichi and him.

  2. Juuichi will not die for sure but…
    What if he being paraplegic, he would never practice tennis anymore
    That would be so bad… or good, idk

  3. The end of the update left a bad taste in my mouth, sorta felt like a “drama for drama’s sake” addition to the story, when route-specific drama already has a topic to explore and flesh out with Jun’s still-unknown-by-the-player medical condition. I hope and believe that this new development will be handled well, though.

    When it comes to the bad ending, I feel like it sort of needs to do something similar to how Password handles the aftermaths of character deaths, where we can see other characters in the story reacting to the events that occurred. As Tennis Ace is a character-based drama, I feel that would be a much better way to do a bad ending besides “I never saw him again”. At the very least, it would give a player tiny bit of closure after hours of gameplay to get to that point, rather than them leaving a bit dissatisfied and empty.

  4. Dirk take all the time you need. You videos do bring joy but it brings more joy when you yourself are happy so take your break and come back when your ready 😌


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