Some stunning tennis on show in the 2013 final, between an in-form Nadal and a fit & firing Del Potro! Subscribe to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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  1. Excelent videos!!

    Could you please upload a highlights of "Del Pòtro Djokovic, Indian Wells 2013"? I can't found anything at internet of this match.

  2. This was such a fantastic match! DelPo was in terrific form, and Rafa was just a maestro in 2013. Matches like this (as well as Nadal’s 2013 season where he won IW, Cincinatti, Canada, US Open, etc) shows that anyone who says Nadal is “a clay court specialist”…is lying through their teeth. Rafa has been winning on HC since 2005

  3. When Nadal smells blood in the water he dosen't let up. Creating opportunities with that spin /power to flatten that forehand.

  4. Just look at Rafa how fast he was back then in his prime years! Nowadays he's half as fast and half as strong at rallying than in 2013.. especially on HC. On clay though he sometimes reaches this level of rallying.

  5. Nadal hit ball delpotro’s backhand mainly, and Nadal performed nice catching and footwork against very powerful forehand. Those made the way of winning of delpotoro crazy.

  6. Del Potros Forehand was one of the best and beautiful i ever saw. So sad he had such bad luck with injuries. When he was fit he was definetly a serious contender.

  7. If Potro wasnt that tired (mentally and physically) after beating both Murray and Djokovic, the result might have been different (different surface but look at Shanghai later in '13)

  8. Thanks love the video That year was Amaizing when he play you geting so involved it's unpilevimple it's so sad we haven't see tennis I hope they came back soon.


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