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  1. I've said it many times: I'm not a particular fan of Djokovic but I respect the way he congratulates his opponents when he loses. Bravo.

  2. Tsitsipas is the key to cracking Novak it Nadal he wears them down and breaks them mentally !! Now Roger is very skilled and mentally crisp ! Novak beats Roger physically by extending matches ! Recall Wimbledon he played the trick and it worked ! Today it just did not hold. Tsitsipas was on beast mode and prevailed. Beating Novak is not that hard !

  3. I want our domestic relationships to mimic tennis match results. I beat you vice versa, we don't agree with each other let's not fuss and fight. Let's hug up and kiss up, console each other with a few nice words and we grooving again.

  4. Djokovic on a mission this yr just worried for Rafa his French crown is under massive threat this yr hope Rafa doesn’t get injured before or during clay season…vamos💪🏼💪🏼

  5. Djokovic is so professional and polite. When he loses, he is like "touche". When Rafa and Federer lose, they are always sour pusses.

  6. Finally finally, someone knocks djoker out!! Tha k you tsitsipas..
    This time we will have a new name as champion(other than the big 3).
    Expecting the same from Acapulco too.. God pls help fritz beat the beast(nadal).


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