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Easter Open 20 Junior Tournament Mathes | Tennis Clash Gameplay With Commentary.
I qualified for the Easter Open Tournament 🎾💪 And I am going to play all of my 20 Tournament matches in a hope that I will be at least in the Top 10 and I will certainly put all my skill I have into it to achieving that, and I will most definitely use special string as well, just to be on the safe side 😁🎾💪 And If you find this entertaining and enjoy my commentary with my Scottish accent, please be sure to check out my channel for other videos such as tips, tricks, gameplays and more 😊 And please be sure to leave a Like and Subscribe for more and Ring the Bell for video notifications 🎾
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  1. What an amazing Tournament I had, most of my dropshots were just out of this world, it was crazy 😅💪💪💪 And thank you so much to everyone who checked in Live and are watching this after and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and good luck to all of you as well 🤞🤞🤞😊🎾😎💪💪💪

  2. hey my freind ty for the video and for the live sry for not being in the live i was busy all day i hope i can be at the next one and i replay all the 2 hours to see ur gameplay and all the matches afcurs i think its was ur best thorney porformance so far couse you got very high place and it was a funny video/live couse you played against waste so many times he is a hero for sure a good person haha and ur returns are like a legend like a beast like federer and ur drop shots were so smooth! it was ur best drop shots like ever! dif planet for sure i think carbload very help you with this baseliner kaito stats and this special string you were like a superman! and 5 place its so crazy good you can get an amazing big prizes !

  3. Carboload is awesome. It is my next target now. But cant reach 1250 trophies :(( I stuck in 900-950 trophies with lots of special strings.

  4. Well played my man, deserve a top 5 finish, handled the pressure well. Watched the first 10 matches that i missed, i thought you was playing at 11 pm but it would have said 23:00, brain wasn't working at night 😂 probably thought 11pm because your last video you mentioned that matches are better at night.

  5. Hey Clan, watching the replay. Well played and fingers crossed to maintain top 5! I'm currently 3rd in Rookie right now. Will be an interesting next 24 hrs lol

  6. how you do to have 6 millions of piece? you win matches or pay with real money? i lost everytime in match my money is 1000 pieces i can t participate in tournament 🙁


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