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  1. Check out Dude Perfect: Untold Stories, their new behind the scenes video including never-before-revealed DP secrets! http://bit.ly/DPUntoldStories

  2. The light switch riddle. Ehm. My guess is simple. You just switch the lightswitch in the basement. Duh. Cause he never said that the switches are beside each other. But now when I think about he said you cannot see the light in the basement. Hmmm

  3. I know which one
    I have an answer for the only thing that I do is I figure out what it was and what it does show me what it does is crazy I mean sometimes people are always very handsome love of a blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  4. You turn one one for about ten minutes and the turn it off then turn another one on and the one that is hot is the first one and the one turned on is the second and the one that is off and cold is the one that you didn't ever touch

  5. Since you said that only one light works can you turn on all the lights and the one that comes on is the basement light

  6. turn on the first switch for 10 mins and turn off the switch then turn on the second switch and check the basement light if the bulb is hot then it is first switch or if it is on then it is second switch or probably it may be the third switch

  7. Turn two switches ON, and left one switch OFF. Wait 10 minutes. Then shut one of the ON switches OFF. One switch is ON and two are now OFF. Immediately go into the room. If the light is on, you know it's the switch that is still ON. If the light is off, feel the light bulb. If the bulb is cold, it's the light switch that you never turned ON. If the bulb is still warm but the light is off, it's the switch you turned ON but then turned OFF prior to entering the room.

  8. and to Garrett if you want an answer to your Reno riddle you're gonna have to speak up bro cuz I couldn't hear the end of your riddle this time buddy, sorry

  9. frist switch on a switch and wait for 10 mins than switch it off than turn on other switch than go down the bulb which is hot is the frist one than second one is the bulb which is glowing and the third one is the switch which u did not turn on


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