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In this video we go over the somewhat complicated rules of serving for doubles in table tennis. There are a couple of extra rules for doubles that you don’t apply to singles. In doubles you always serve from the right hand box diagonally to your opponent’s right hand box. Each player has 2 serves each. If you’ve just been receiving then it’s your turn to serve next.

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Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario

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  1. Jeff looking awesome. Thanks. U didnt mention that that team starting serve can select the receiving partner or its receiving pair to drcide who will pick first. Plz clear this point

  2. Nice video. Question if in a service if ball touches the net and goes in the wrong box then, is it a reservice or point to opposition.
    Also if continued 2 service are re service then is it a point to opposition 3 time it's a reservice or it can go for as long.
    Love from India

  3. Do you have a video showing the best way to move between partners ? Today at my club one complained that i am always in his way …like i am playing in single @ center of the table …i try to move away as fast i can …some say to move sideway , other say to backup ?
    Thanks to both.

  4. Is there a let in double when the ball touches the net And what about if it lands wrong side aftet the let?

  5. Have the rules ever been you are able to serve from the left hand box diagonally as long as the opponent is In the correct receiving order?

  6. You have to tell what happens for the next game: who will serve and who will receive; that’s more you should explain! Thanks!

  7. Hi i have a question. When in doubles, do you have to serve towards your opponent who is diagonally to you? Or can you serve towards him with a very wide diagonal spin? Making him reach to his right and going close to the net.

    As I understand, all you have to do is to serve to your doubles opponent who is diagonally opposite you, and just make sure the ball bounces just once anywhere in his area no matter what type of spin you use. Correct?

    Meaning there are no vertical boundaries when you serve.

  8. Thank you so much for your videos they’re quite helpful we play house game where they don’t switch after serving it’s a house rule it bugs me I’m going to send it to them thanks again

  9. Hi, how are you?
    Your videos are very interesting, thank you very much.
    Y have a question about the central line, when the ball is considered in the right side? This question is because different points of view will make different results.
    Thank you!

  10. Hi guys love your videos,
    We have a question, one of the players in my group of player is left handed and when he receives the service he started at the corner in line with the table but as soon as the ball is up he moves almost half way along the table so he will then smashes the ball and you will lose the point, what are the rules about this? Thank you

  11. what about this… if I served and ball after touching the net fell on the right half of table. is this point lose? Or I can reserve?

  12. You're not actually saying the ball must bounce in the server's quadrant. You are saying the serve must be "from" the server's quadrant.


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