Novak Djokovic and Gael Monfils refused to lose once again on Day 3 in Dubai. Subscribe to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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  1. The Dubai camera angle is great. Not to big, not to small. We get some occasional close ups as well. I wish they could implement this in other tournaments as well.

  2. Djokovic is making it look easier as his careers moves forward. Federer's always had that elegance, Djokovic seems to be adopting that creative trait into his game lately. So comfortable right now, playing the game as the art it is more. Beautifully controlled aggression

  3. Kohlschreiber is still a good player but he just got killed by Djokovic. Is Djokovic the best hard court player in tennis history? It's not hard to defend such a claim. Federer is perhaps a close 2nd. Sampras, Agassi and a few others deserve mention.

    Tsitsipas is playing very well at the moment. Bublik played some aggressive tennis and some cunning tennis but it still wasn't enough.

  4. Lot of fed vs djoker comments here
    The main difference between them at their best would be that fed's game would make you love tennis and djoker's will bore you. However, efficiency matters more so djoker would probably edge Federer at their best

  5. Novak, is Novak, Tsitsipas was clutch, and Rublev – perhaps some luck? Poor Krajinovic, losing that first set like that will make anyone 🤕. I’ve never seen anyone do that before…I hope he’ll be alright.

  6. Can you please NOT spoil the results in the title? These "click baits" are not needed – I even think more people would be inclined to watch these videos if they didn't already knew the end results. It just ruins the excitement for the people like me who didn't get to watch the match live 🙁


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