”ReNo9Prod” brings to you new compilation about Did Cristiano Ronaldo Deserve A Red Card? Look What Cristiano Ronaldo Did BEFORE and AFTER the Red Card !
Crіѕtіanо Rоnаldо vs Vаlеnсіа | 2018 HD 1080i

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  1. Reading some of these comments, It's sad how much negativity people can have towards a person who is being a beacon for his nation, an Idol to children with dreams, an inspiration to fellow team mates and other sportsmen and women all over the world. Sit back and think what have you done to change the lives of others.

    The great are always hated, because haters lack the will and determination to be great.

    To those asking why he's crying? When your drive to succeeded is being destroyed by people filled with such jealously. It really does hurt.

  2. No the other guy was acting and then Ronaldo ment “get up” so I say no he did not deserve a red card ,he is my favourite footballer


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