Nicolas11x12 reviewing the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM 23″ IPS LED LCD Monitor.

Manufacturer: Dell
Model: U2312HM

Full Specifications:

My Hardware Unboxing Channel:

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  1. Still using this monitor daily over 4 years now. For gaming just adjusting my settings and turning on Vsync for steady 60Hz does the trick really nicely. I don't see any need of an upgrade just yet!

  2. I wouldn't use this for gaming, Will surely look fantastic, but generally IPS monitors struggle a bit comparing to TN panels with input lag.

  3. Really good review. I like the informative way you demonstrated the screen testing software. You should have more subs.

  4. Take care what you recommend on your "10 of 10" scale:
    It's IPS, but of cheap buld – uses 6-bit matrix (uses FRC to achieve 16mil. colors). I have it broken after several years of use. It developed pink tint and moving "waves" on the left side. I guess that the electronics is failing, because it's not built to last but to be cheap…. Right now the TN screen on my Dell laptop looks far better than this IPS…

  5. hello great review, I think I also buy me one, I found it used at a great price. however, I wanted to know what program did you use for the monitor test
    thank you.

  6. 10 out of 10 are you kidding me, i would give it 8 of 10 at best when we only compare it to monitors within the same price range, and if we compare it to oled and high end ips monitors it would be closer to 6 out of 10, but sure for the price it is still a good monitor, but i would not use it for competitive fps gaming.

    If you want a real review check out:

  7. somehow, i think dell is the best brand on the market. i also use dell. it's a bit more expensive than the other brand on every class. but trust me. it wont disappoint your wallet.


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