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National ranking: 11

Swedish Regional ranking: 1

Universal rating: 12

Hi! My name is Daniel Shasteen and I’m a 17 year tennis player from Gothenburg Sweden. I’ve been playing tennis since the age of 4 and my goal is to play college tennis.

I have double citizenship with Sweden and USA. My Dad is from Texas so I lived in North Texas for 8 years. I speak fluent English, Swedish and I’ve studied Spanish for 6 years.

I’m an extremely competitive person and I fight for every point. I’ve got a varied game style and I’m good at adjusting to my opponents strengths and weaknesses.

Perhaps I’m what your looking for:



  1. I would try and be less wristy even though I'm sure you are so used to it by now. You can still maximize plow through and spin with proper low to high body transition and racket face plow through. By no means am I judging your athletiscism. You have great contact. Just think it might be beneficial for your health if you tone down the wrist action. Cheers.

  2. i wanna gp pro in tennis im 14 but my parents arent flthy rich so i cant train with a coach so im self taught PLEASE TEACH ME FOR FREE


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