Step by step how to create crushing forehand power (Full Workshop here: —–) from the baseline by using your kinetic chain correctly, executing a long swing path, and staying loose and relaxed as you hit the ball.

Part 1 in this series focused on forehand accuracy and consistency:

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If you can read this you have an impressive scrolling game.



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  1. Poor advise i am afraid. The best pros don't swing around llike this eith a huge swing, they have a much more linear path. And they certainly dont do it that way because it makes winning harder!!

  2. Ian >I like your tennis lessons cause we are not pro tennis players and you teach us to improve our game in our game level as amateur players, thanks a lot,

  3. Consistency. I don't have it now. I didn't have it the last time I played. I don't remember when I had it last. I want it, now that I've picked up a racket again. I've always muscled the racket with my arm. I must change it up. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Too much talking. Good points but too much prattle in between. A good coach is one who can simplify the complex, not someone who seems to talk for the sake of talking. A mature individual with a clear idea of what they want to improve on wouldn't return for a second lesson. This video was over 12 minutes, it could have been 5 minutes. Too much talk mate.

  5. Every forehand shot should be executed like a "flat stone throwing over the pond" motion.
    To feel your own kinetic chain motion, go and throw some flat rocks over a pond..
    and For the backhand, try throwing a Frisbee

  6. good info, but not realistic to expect to improve without many reps with a pro watching and correcting you, no short cuts unfortunately!

  7. Thanks for the uTube Video Tips very helpful in Transferring the elements (Power Energy) from our body (Legs, Hips and Shoulder) into the Tennis Ball for a better performance game. I like the 3 Elements (1) Consistence (2) Develop Power (3) Curve the Ball at Top Speed. SCP Tennis Community – Griffin

  8. 3:20 he says that we need a big wind up which is very incorrect. We do not get our power from the wind up, we get it from cooling our hips and then uncoiling.


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