Cristiano Ronaldo knows how to treat himself. He’s just bought himself an incredible villa in Marbella, Spain, and his neighbor will be none other than… the famous MMA fighter, Conor McGregor! Discover CR7’s latest extravagance in this video.

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  1. In football, ur playing gets the numbers, in mma no matter how good u are u won’t get paid high unless u don’t trash talk and put on a show

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if McGreggor and Ronaldo become bffs. They have lots in common, like rape accusations.

  3. Do I care about his new house? Nothing against him but oh my goal turned into video spamming, all lame content. No more following. I am sure I ain't the only one

  4. Conor mcGregor Was in 4th potision when he say he will catch him… 1st – Floyd
    2nd – Messi
    3rd – Ronaldo
    4th – Conor mcGregor
    5th-Neymar. ….

  5. 1,6 million dollars isn't even that expensive like I'm not saying I'm rich or anything but that's like the normal price for a normal villa house in Sweden

  6. Ronaldo net worth is over $1billion??? What source? that would make him the first baller to reach billionaire status off of football. His net worth is $450M


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