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To mark the 15th anniversary of Cristiano Ronaldo’s first appearance for Manchester United, watch EVERY touch from the Portuguese star’s incredible debut as United beat Bolton Wanderers 4-0!

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  1. I started to be United supporter after Cristiano transfer. After that day, my team in england is MU.
    After him followed from Sporting Nani, and now Bruno Fernandes

  2. Surprisingly, he had the worst luck in the football history. He could have become the new Pele' but a unfortunately for him, a new Maradona emerged and outshined him.

  3. Could play multiple positions, had multiple techniques under his belt could score all kinds of goals and assists.

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you the true GOAT.

  4. Other players have the ball: Fans

    Ronaldo has the ball : Fans

    (Incredible player❤❤❤)

  5. Tried to like football by watching seri a and wasnt a fan. Until i watched this game just out of curiosity "who replaced Beckham". Then, fell in love with football, Man Utd, and EPL. Big fan of Cristiano too.


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