Cristiano Ronaldo has just signed a contract with Nike which makes him the highest paid footballer by a sponsor. He’s already been estimated at being worth $450M dollars, but the numbers in this contract are incredible. Discover the details of the five-time Ballon d’Or’s earnings through Nike in this video.


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  1. He can attract more people on social media and get better contracts, but he’ll never be the best player. The spot is taken by Messi.

  2. Before Cristiano, there was no nike football and now he’s one of the elites of Nike athletes who are the best at their own sports. Well deserved.

  3. If FIFA and UEFA don't cheat him out of all the trophies that he really deserve then CR7 should earn at least $50 million every year until he is 41 years old. that would be $350 million. Way too little for CR7.

  4. When you flash a good lifestyle when Money what everyone desires and you know how to make it lavish of Course Cr7 will have more followers than Messi cause most admire him cause they want to be him
    A Follower isnt the same as a Fan

  5. I really want to get signed to a pro soccer team.i am 27 years old and I still believe I can play I just need a tryout. I hope one day I get signed so I can help my family.

  6. I'm surprised he didnt a recieved a life time contract with Nike, usually worth around $1 billion. Cristiano definitely has the pulling power to rake it in for Nike as he has done.

  7. Is it just me or cr7 is just more likeable since he moved to Juventus. I mean he started to be a lot more laid back and friendly in his interviews, even cracking laughs and some jokes, unlike in madrid where most of his interviews are serious and he only says a couple of words relevant to the question. He seems much more open and approachable now. 👌

  8. instead of paying hundreds of millions to a popular face
    if they cut rates of their products
    i think the sale would be higher
    because nike is already a popular brand

  9. adidas has never done justice to Messi's talent.
    They change his boots every season whereas Ronaldo has been wearing the Nike Mercurial Superflys since ages.
    It would have been a different story if Messi was a Nike athlete, which he was for some time.


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