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– Cristiano Ronaldo – Wake Up ●Motivational & Inspirational Video
– New Video Presented By Arti Design
– Headphones Recommended (HD Supported)

● Software Used : Sony Vegas Pro 12 & Photoshop CC
●Speech – The Ultimate Motivational Clip – Rise & Shine!
●Music – Hall of Fame ft. will.i.am

Cristiano Ronaldo Wake Up Motivational Video 2017 showcasing a motivational video with a very deep message with the Speech & Showcasing Ronaldo Best Moments & Skills in 2016/17 so far.

Best motivation music!, listen to this everyday as your waking up alarm.
If you are the kind of person that loves sport but are too lazy to get on with it, this video is perfect for you.I hope you’ll all love it like i do.The speech is a product of Nike commercial.
You can always be better.NO DAYS OFF

I must state that in NO way, shape or form am I intending to infringe rights of the copyright holder. Content used is strictly for research/reviewing purposes and to help educate. All under the Fair Use law

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  1. Hard work like CR7
    Talented like Messi
    Down to earth like Mo Salah
    😇😇 You can be the greatest player.

  2. Wish I could thank the person who made this in person. It has helped me through a very difficult time, and motivated me to achieve something really important. Thanks a ton❣️

  3. I saw a different video with the same motivational speech & his YouTube name was like”999,999, views” & I’m tryna find that video. Do you know what I’m talking about ? Please help

  4. CRISTIANO . You’re then best .. don’t ever doubt you’re self . Keep working had , you inspire millions please don’t let that voice dictate your life. You are a alpha male .. keep showing us your dominance

  5. Awesome video dude!! Just a suggestion… You could have included better clips of his goals- maybe the recent bicycle kick, his savage moments or his celebration…. Include all this and this video is invincible!!

  6. From 00:01 to 3:30 can make you do anything specially which seems harder to you . #Rise_and_Shine..👍


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