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Cristiano Ronaldo penalty baffles viewers as ball mysteriously moves on spot
Cristiano Ronaldo hailed a genius after amazing ‘bouncing penalty’ for Real Madrid against PSG… but Graham Poll says it SHOULD have been retaken

Cristiano Ronaldo appeared to take his genius to a new level against Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday evening after using a bizarre kicking technique to convert a crucial penalty for Real Madrid.
The Portugese appeared to make the ball pop up in the moments before he struck it, essentially turning his spot-kick into a volley and helping it past PSG goalkeeper Alphonse Areola.
Initially, it was speculated that Ronaldo had touched the ball with his standing foot, but extra slow-motion replays revealed that he had, in fact, disturbed the turf underneath the ball and causing it to move.
Amazingly, former team-mate Rio Ferdinand dispelled suggestions that it was simply an accident, and claimed the technique was something the five-time Ballon d’Or winner honed during his time at Manchester United.
‘He used to do that in training you know!’ Ferdinand told BT Sport.
‘He used to mess about in training and do it but to do it in a game, I’m not saying he means it, but he used to do it. I swear to you, crazy but he used to do it.’
But the laws of the game stipulate that had the officials spotted the movement of the ball, the kick would have been retaken.
Former Liverpool and England striker Owen said: ‘It’s amazing. As soon as I saw the pen I thought “he’s double touched that, it should be disallowed”.
‘But if you watch it carefully it was actually the ground that just flicks the ball up. It just pops up and he almost volleys it – it’s amazing how he’s still so accurate when the ball moves.
‘But it definitely shifted, just popped up a little bit it’s no question, it wasn’t a double touch.’
Meanwhile, former Swansea boss Clement jokingly claimed that Ronaldo’s penalty was excellent.
He added: ‘It takes a good player to do that! Tee it up for himself and volley it. No, there’s no way you can see that. It’s an excellent penalty. Areola went the right way and he’s not far away from it. The pace and the accuracy, very difficult to save that.’


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  1. the ball lifts up slightly so its easier to hit… he's got very powerful legs that can lift a ball before touching it…

  2. Why the hell People don't understand science ?

    1. It's a turf Ground
    2. The heavy force by the dominant foot creates a force like when you step in water u see the waves in circular motion.
    3. This heavy force had caused the ball to move and the ball isn't even displace the ball had simply reacted to the force, you must also know the speed to Kick is in Kmph.

  3. When he hit the ground, the field might of moved and made the ball bounce. Like if you jumped it would vibrate and make things move. I think it’s not magic.

  4. People who think this is "skill" is stupid. it is physically impossible to have enough strength to stomp next to the ball to make it bounce in the air like that. Especially on grass! Not even a Horse has the strength to do that. The ball was clearly tampered with… Smh. & I'm a Cristiano fan.

  5. Some people say that me made the turf pop up like it's been done b4. Fact… No one has ever done this b4. No one.
    Others claim that he fluked it. Rio said he used to practise that in training. Rooney wrote a book a while ago and he says the same thing as Rio.
    Call it cheating or watever but the fact is CR7 made the ball levitate and scored the penalty on the volley. Add that to the list of records

  6. Its not magic, not cheats, not skills, its hes strengh in hes leg. He is so strong so he stabed the penaltydoc with hes left foot and scored with hes right foot.

  7. This is just like the controversy when Ronaldinho scored the goal against England. Some say it’s a cross, some say it’s a shot.

  8. this needs to be exposed to everyone, the ball must be flat on the floor while the shooter takes his chance at goal, he's pretty much playing around the game which is cheating.. #gamechanging


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