Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning overhead kick in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals for Real Madrid against his current club Juventus has been voted as Goal of the Season and brings you back the moment from all angles!!

Ronaldo’s strike, which was applauded on the night by his opposing – and it turned out future – fans, topped the poll with nearly 200,000 of the total 346,915 votes. He succeeds his new Juve colleague Mario Mandžukić, who won last year for goal against Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final, while Lionel Messi took the award in both 2014/15 and 2015/16.



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  1. Saw this ish live when I was living in dc. Had a doctor’a appt @ 2 (est) and went to work from home the rest of the day. It was then I caught the rest of this match. Being a burger boii (American), champions league matches are usually during the work day. I’ll never forget feeling how lucky I was to watch this match live. CR7 had a hat trick!

  2. Watched that piece of football magic with my young son, who despite my weary protestations, is an unswerving CR7 #1 GOAT fan. The whole move and goal was truly special, but watching my lad go nuts made it a moment I’ll never forget.

  3. from a sheer athletic standpoint, this goal is unbelievable. Look at how high he gets and how straight his body is when he hits the ball.

    Usually players topple over to the side when they try to do a bicycle kick. Not Ronaldo. One of the most impressive goals you'll see

  4. Ronaldo made that goal on my Birthday, thanks Ronaldo, it was a great gift! : )

    Ronaldo is a true Footbal Legend, enjoy him while you can.

  5. Ronaldo’s bicycle kick that year was definitely better than Bale’s because it was against a better keeper

  6. Are you kidding me? Hate or love him, it's one of the most beautiful goals you will ever see…& why they clapped

  7. One of the greatest footballing moment in history. The goal and the crowd reaction. Humanity celebrated in the most beautiful way… Viva Ronaldo…

  8. As an avid Real Madrid fan, I am thrilled that I have seen live 2 of the prettiest goals ever scored in my life.
    ** This one here of course.
    ** Gareth Bale's bicycle kick at the Champions League final against Liverpool on May 26, 2018.
    It is a joy to be a fan of the best soccer team in history ….. Real Madrid.

  9. I saw this amazing and fantastic game live….and I jumped off my seat when I saw CR7 score this super bicycle kick goal. WOW.
    One of the prettiest goals I have ever seen.
    Thank you for the great memories CR7….we miss you at Real.


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