Cristiano is a great competitor. He’s also got a very strong personality. During the AS Roma – Juventus game, he humiliated AS Roma’s full-back/midfielder Alessandro Florenzi by making fun of his height.

CR7 has probably made another enemy, this from the man who already has a number of haters within the football world…


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  1. What wrong with ur stupid content oh my goal I’m Messi fan but ur channel is shit!

  2. Who cares about those assholes liking him or hating him He's the greatest of all time time. He alone can beat all of their fame.

  3. When a person touches a great height everyone tries to pull him back
    But this is Cristiano Ronaldo no one can pull him back. Love you CR7😍. I will never stop you supporting

  4. Say whatever u want higuain isnt wrong about Cr7.
    Only credit we could give to Cr7 is his consistency over long period of time.
    During his 1st year in Madrid he play like crap but still ppl compare him to Messi somehow.
    Its just his agent tactics to popularize Cr7.

  5. i want to have a status like ronaldo, so that whenever i get to engage a fight with anybody on the field i can directly asked him who the hell r u see ur status and mine….

  6. Mr. Florenzi he is not just a normal Ballon 'd'or, he is a 5 time winner. But that doesn't give him the right to tell you short, then again you are short, so he is right in a way. 😏

  7. And why the fk you didn't show what cristiano ronaldo did to hug him coz you need publicity here what a dumb channel that's how you get attention and show a legend as bad ….. go find that video too that he hug him as so respectfully

  8. Once a legend send in El Clasico and quote , "shut up Cristiano !". As a result , CR7 pushed him to side after the dispute. But I think he respects CR7 (as a footballer , I guess).

  9. Who the fuck cares about these lil players disliking ronaldo… i daubt anyone does .. the fact remains the same his simply the best, period.


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