Cristiano Ronaldo Height
Born cristiano ronaldo on February 5, 1985 in St. Anthony, a district of the city of Funchal, Madeira, the youngest child of Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, which operate cook.Josie Dennis Aveiro city gardener works. Named Cristiano as the “Ronaldo” because of the love of his father, the president, former U.S. Ronald Reagan make it called the name “Ronaldo” on his son, as the “Ronald” in the English equivalent of “Ronaldo” in Portuguese, has three brothers are older brother Hugo and sisters Elma and Liliana Catia. Jeddah mother and name Isabel assets of Cape Verde.
Start early

In the eighth Age, Ronaldo play Crecytano the for Ondorenha club for amateurs, where his father is the coach. In 1995, Ronaldo signed with local Nacional club despite the fact that FC Porto and Boavista they want to sign him but his father refused, because he is still young man. All the clubs that dealt with him I was impressed by his talent for the old as well as the maturity of his mind and non Thorh. After winning the title went to conduct experiments for three days in the club Sporting Lisbon, after his success in the tests and signed his contract for an undisclosed sum.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Height is 1.86

The fastest player in the world in the game between Real Madrid and Celta Vigo 96 meters in less than 9.50 seconds. The world’s fastest attack and resulted in the goal in less than 10 seconds. The highest jump in the world in the game between Real Madrid and Manchester United as the height of the jump to more than a meter and a half and it was while long jump 2.93 meters a leap beyond its size and length several times higher than the jump to NBA players.

Cristiano Ronaldo ,Height 6′ 1″ (1.86 m)

Ronaldo’s father died, Jose Aveiro Dennis, because of his addiction to alcohol in September 2005 at the age of 52 years, where he was Ronaldo that time 20 years old.
Ronaldo announced via their on-line and on special page Balvaaspock the he became a father on July 3, 2010 to a little boy, called Cristiano Jr., and Ronaldo added that his son will be under the tutelage.


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