As everyone knows, a pair of boots can make or break a footballer. And when it comes to good shoes, Nike are at the top of the game.

A few days ago, the American brand made waves when they unveiled the new Mercurial boots at a street football tournament in Paris, alongside Jadon Sancho and the prodigy Anderlecht Bounida. The shoes made their athletic debut at the Women’s World Cup.

And according to Cristiano Ronaldo? They’re the best boots he’s ever worn.


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  1. 0:16 Why is Ronaldo wearing Nike shoes with Adidas socks? Is it because of the sponsoring of Juventus by Adidas

  2. Oh my goal WTF from football boots to Women football half of the video is about football bots and the other half is abot Women Football

  3. That prodigy you were talking about is garbage the pros were going easy on him because he is a kid but in a real match he is garbage!

  4. Let’s be honest women’sWorld Cup is over and no one cares about women’s football again cuz it’s slow, not entertaining and they keep force feeding it to us so it’s slowly pissing all of us off. If I don’t wanna watch it I don’t wanna watch it that’s my choice I’m not sexist.

  5. Girl: women are not here for the paycheck
    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Magan Rapinoe: I wanna get payed as much as the men

  6. Poor kids will ask their parents to waste money on something that will break in a 6 months, so nike, player like Ronaldo and neymar will get millions from. Today celebrities are nothing different from big corporations. Look at Michael Jordan

  7. Omg I just wanted to know about what are people’s opinion on the Nike Mercurial boots and I literally got like 400 comments on Oh My Goal changing the topic to the women’s World Cup it also does not bring my interest but I want to know if people think it’s good so I could get it man if this continues in oh my Goal again I am literally quitting this channel

  8. 2:36
    ".. they're not here for the paycheck.."

    Uh…wot? This is what the woman says after Rapinoe made a debacle about the so called "pay gap"?


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