Ladies and Gentlemen, Cristiano Ronaldo is going to get married soon! He’s been in a relationship with Georgina Rodriguez for nearly three years, the Portuguese player is seriously considering asking for her hand in marriage very soon. And he’s the one who announced the news!

“I’m in love with her. We’ll get married one day, why not.” He explained. Look back at Cristiano and Georgina’s magical love story


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  1. So he is extremely religious yet he is into adultery i guess he is a christian ? In Christianity people are allowed to have adultery before marriage ? What kind of idiotic religion allows that ?

  2. Ronaldo is very religious?


    Going to church doesn't make you religious. He must have missed a few services and never noticed that the Catholic Church is opposed to surrogacy, how he ended up with three of his kids, let alone having a fourth out of wedlock. Ronaldo is nothing more than a cafeteria Catholic.

  3. Cr7 is my inspiration n fiance Geo a brave lady with beautiful heart, hope their marriage be in a good atmosphere 👍👍

  4. Elegant than leo?
    That guy just birthed not 1 but 4 reductive substance. Leo is much much better than you pie hole 7

  5. Seriously i tought OH MY GOAL
    Must have pinpointed the marriage thats why u made the video .
    Cuz it was quite obvious that Geo and penaldo were gonna get married. Well some ppl may not have known but it was really quite obvious

  6. I heard that Gareth bale is actually a monkey man and I also heard that oh my goal is an underrated youtube channel!


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