Cristiano Ronaldo 2019 – Skills, Dribbling, Goals by Legasus. Cristiano Ronaldo did all this at 34 years old! Subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video.

Special thanks to Anass Teaser, 1900FCBFreak7.

Blackryst – War
Wizard X Alive Muzik X Jetsam – Reborn
Dieom x Seew – REVIVAL
Blackryst X ATLANT!C – Art of Deception
Blackryst – Endless
‘Heat’ – FREE Hard Boomin’ Trap BeatRap Instrumental 2019
Rival – Walls (feat. Bryan Finlay)


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  1. Hello everybody, I'm back! Please make sure to watch the whole video of Cristiano Ronaldo's first season at Juventus. He did all this at 34 years old! I actually believe this was his best season in terms of overall play since the 15-16 season…he seems like the Cristiano of old!

    If you guys would like to follow my new personal Instagram, feel free to. I'll be posting every now and then: 😀

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  4. how do you create a video and it is not blocked am your subscriber and i also have a channel like your channel has this copyrighted content but it is not blocked….email me……


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