Fifth season in Manchester United 2007 2008!

1st Music: Music: Clarx – Moonlight
2nd Music: Music: Different Heaven – Nekozilla [NCS Release]
3d Music: Music: [Hardcore] – Stonebank – Stronger (feat. EMEL) [Monstercat Release]


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  1. Pros juvenis que falam que ele não é habilidoso ou não tem muita mobilidade é pq não viram o cara na época do united ou mesmo nos primeiros anos de real madrid!

  2. When Ronaldo gets an icon card in fifa, his baby icon card should have more dribbling and pace then his prime card. This is the best version of Ronaldo (coming from a west ham fan)

  3. كرستيانو رونالدو بطل والله الدون عالي عالي ومسي جوه انعالي كرستيانو بلسفينه ومسي يدفع بينه كرستيانو فوك النجوم ومسي يخسل اهدوم

  4. CR7 only 07/08 season is better than some good players whole career. This shows the power of this man, How much impactful he was/is or will be for his team.
    Some players need their whole career to become one-fourth of What Ronaldo was in 07/08 season.

  5. Unpopular opinion : Dribbling has never been the most consistent quality of Ronaldo. He's never been a born dribbler, even in his early seasons. He's a decent one, but not close to the best such as Messi or Ben Arfa. He's a top player on every other aspects of the game, but not dribbling.


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