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  1. Fed's opening to 2017 was the best stretch of tennis ever played—he had perfect efficiency in every phase of the game. Even his play in 2004-2006 was not this good.

  2. If he had shown the same kind of mental strength at IW 18, IW 19 and Wim 19 like he showed vs Berdych at Miami 17, things could have been so different

  3. I don't knoq how everyone else ia thinking but I think Federer's level in Miami was lesser in quality(Though still amazing for his age,things like that) and his real peak was in Indian Wells.But in Miami there was a drop in quality

  4. Why was Miami so much slower than IW? Was it court speed, heavier balls, or did Federer start pulling back? He definitely gradually, overall lost steam from there through IW 2018

  5. i can watch this time after time after time, what a dream come true that was, loved every single match and the one against kyrgios was something else.

  6. This is the most aggressive version of Federer ever on any surface. His backhand was on fire even though he was 35 years old. Federer backhand played like Wawrinka backhand.

  7. I still remember the early part of 2017 like it was yesterday. Roger had this newfound confidence on the BH side and was absolutely rifling it DTL & it had his opponents, mainly Rafa, SHOOKED!

  8. We need to say that Novak is lucky,
    Roger can play Novak when he doesn't feel best but Novak plays very well, instead, Novak never play Roger when he feels bad
    ,like 2017, that's why Roger is the GOAT

  9. The level in IW was the best he has played since 2006. It looked like nobody could hang with him. In Miami he was less dominant and those conditions are probably less favourable to him than in the desert but the mental toughness and physical skill was still properly on point. What a great year for him!

  10. wow, I never actually knew how close berdych was to beating fed in this one. poor man choked. I always just see that highlight with the drop shot and assumed fed won this match with ease XD boy was I wrong

  11. Como disfrute esos dos torneo como fan de Roger, los partidos contra Berdich que se cago, contra kyrgios y el doble baile a Rafa.


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