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  1. I think there's the main difference b/w Roger & Nole. The latter finds a way to win even when not playing inexplicably well. Federer though, has to be on his best to win an important/hard match.

  2. Murray struggles to capitalize with his forehand the times he has Novak on a string. Its just lacks venom and drive which made him work a lot harder then a player of his talent should.

  3. Lord Murray has always been undershadowed by Nole. So many finals like these where he falls short to win the final. If not he should have 5 AO titles by now.(If you know what I mean).

  4. Federer's 2015 spoiled by Djokovic (Indian Wells, Rome, Wimbledon, US Open, WTF)
    Murray's 2015 spoiled by Djokovic (Aus Open, Miami, Paris Bercy)
    Nadal's 2015 spoiled by Djokovic (Monte Carlo, French Open, Beijing, WTF)

    This guy was a beast that year. Just unplayable in the big moments.

  5. First Murray will dominate and threaten to beat the pulp out of Rafa Djoko, slowly he will allow them to crawl back in the match till they are all over him and he will end up shaking the Umpire's hand first and then his head in exasperation.


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