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  1. Djokovic has improved his game soo much now. Some of the points which this Djokovic lost, the current Djokovic would just cream it through

  2. 17:19 The man behind Djokovic is soooooooooooooo afraid of the service which Isner hit and gave😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I need help from some Djokovic fans. I am a Nadal fan. In some other video of Federer, I mentioned it is a straight shootout between Nadal and Djokovic to become the greatest. They started saying Sampras is better than Djokovic and if I argue I know nothing about tennis.😂

  4. This was a fantastic match! Great highlights too. Please keep doing these all year round Tennis TV, give us something to watch while corona is here


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