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  1. What's up with this towel ritual? It has always been an extremely annoying distraction… and unnecessary.
    A ridiculous routine that should never have been introduced.

    If nothing else, a major time waster. suck it up and play the damn game.

  2. Clasic ??? Aque le llaman clasic si era un jugador de otra talla para abajo no, nalbandian un jugador extraordinario es mas no piedo creer como pudo perdee partidos contra ese tipo, aparte con su publico osea

  3. Thank you very much TennisTV!

    More classics of that era, please!

    I remember this match.

    Fish played at an incredible level, and in the semifinals he played incredible against Roger, and lost the final in 3 sets against Nole.

  4. i will always miss Nalbandian- the only man in history to defeat Nadal,Fededer,Djokovic in the the same tournament to win the 2007 Madrid Masters


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